The Naraeni Sewa Sanstha is an NGO/ Foundation which was established in 200. In various ways Naraeni Sewa Sanstha has been helping to needy and poor people. During the Decade many poor people have been taken benefits by our welfare projects. As well as, during it lots of people have joined as a volunteer at Naraeni Sewa Sanstha and they work with fully dedication which needy person can get benefits.

    In addition, if someone doesn’t want to become a volunteer, but you can helps through our welfare projects which are being run by Naraeni Sewa Sanstha. Especially, many Pollination, Businessmen, Engineers, Doctors have joined in Naraeni Sewa Sanstha. Our main goal is to provide the better education system, employees opportunities, prevent to crimes/ violence and Financially help to poor Girls as well. Certainly, we have succeed to get archived the help of people. Our foundation always motivates to people, “By helping of you can save the life of someone.”.

    Naraeni Sewa Sanstha follows all terms and conditions which were given by the Government. We help on many aspects like :

    1. To help for Social working, Poverty, Handicap, Poor, Helpless, Poor Children, Widows & Senior Citizens to give proper respect in the society and help as well as effort to do the financially support.

    2. Prevent to grow the crimes as well as connecting society and nation together .

    3. Do respect the Constitution of India, effort for education and economic as well as help to promote the education by opening institutes.

    4. Work is done for development of children and women as well as get marriage of poor families Girls and do financially support to them.

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